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post office

Our union offers a comprehensive benefit to members, which include the following:

  1. Representations for internal disciplinary hearings
  2. Representations in grievance hearings
  3. Representations at CCMA and Labour Court
  4. Funeral Benefits ( Cover ) to the value of R 10,000-00
  5. Bargaining on behalf of members
  1. Representation at strategic company forums
  2. Salary Increase of 7%
  3. Collective bargaining on behalf of members
  4. Salary Backdate to 1st April
  5. Increase in transport allowance
  6. Increase in housing subsidy
  7. Job security ( 2013-14)
  8. Reinstatement of accidental death cover

Our union has members in the Postal and Courier Industry with our main focus on establishing our self in the Postal Industry, specifically the Post Office