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As a South African Post Office union, we have lots of postal workers that makes sure that you receive your mail in time. Our SAP Union would like to share what exactly every postal worker does. 

Mail is received and sorted, dispatched and distributed through all the employees working at the Postal Service and without them, we won’t be able to send or receive any mail or items. postal service has the following staff:

Postal workers

Service Clerks - Sells stamps and help people pickup packages, as well as assist with any other services.

Mail sorters - These employees are in charge of sorting out the mail so that it can go the correct places
Mail carrier - Can also be called a mail carrier, mailman, postal carrier, postman/postwoman or a letter carrier. This person is an employee of the postal service who delivers mail to residences and / or businesses.

A postmaster is the head of a particular post office. Responsibilities includes management of a centralised mail distribution facility, establishment of letter carrier routes, supervision of letter carriers and enforcement of an organization’s rules & procedures.

Postmaster General
Also called a chief executive officer of the postal services of that particular country and oversees all the postmasters. A Postmaster General is responsible for an entire mail distribution organization which is usually sponsored by the national government. In 1609, the postmaster general authorised certain persons to carry and deliver letters (mail) and it could only be delivered by them. Benjamin Franklin in the United States was the first appointed postmaster general in 1775, serving longer than 15 months.