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Sapwu's strength rests on two pillars; the union's unwavering commitment to its affiliation "Unity is Strength" and its members' commitment to improving the welfare of all employees employed in the postal sector irrespective of race, gender, or seniority.

Sapawu branch committee members commit themselves to look after and represent members in all spheres of the Sapwu family. 

Our union offers a comprehensive benefit to members, which include the following:

sapawuRepresentations for internal disciplinary hearings

sapawuRepresentations in grievance hearings

sapawuRepresentations at CCMA and Labour Court

sapawuFuneral Benefits ( Cover ) to the value of R 10,000-00

sapawuBargaining on behalf of members

sapawuRepresentation at strategic company forums

sapawuSalary Increase of 7%

sapawuCollective bargaining on behalf of members

sapawuSalary Backdate to 1st April

sapawuIncrease in transport allowance

sapawuIncrease in housing subsidy

sapawuJob security ( 2013-14)

sapawuReinstatement of accidental death cover

How do I become a member of SAPWU?

Every employee of the South African Postal Office can download the application form directly from our website. The procedure works as follows:

The Regional Executive Committee is responsible for deciding whether a specific person can become aSAPWU member or not.

sapawu1. Workers must apply for Union membership to the Branch Executive committee with jurisdiction over the area where they are employed.

sapawu2. The Branch Executive Committee may reject any application if it is of the opinion that the worker is not a fit and proper person to be a SAPWU member of the union.

sapawu3. If there is no functioning Branch Executive Committee then the application must be directly sent to the Regional Secretary / General Secretary.

SAPWU was specifically designed to work for our employees, to strive for equality of all our members, yearly salary increases, job security and so much more. Contact SAPWU today for any further inquiries with regards to membership as well as the benefits we have to offer.

Our union has members in the Postal and Courier Industry with our main focus on establishing our self in the Postal Industry, specifically the Post Office