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Importance of postal workers

As a SA Postal Workers Union, we have numerous amounts of postal workers that make sure that you receive your mail in time. Our SA postal workers union would like to share what every postal worker does.

Mail is received and sorted, dispatched and distributed through all the employees working at the Post Office and without them, we won’t be able to send or receive any mail or items.

The post office has the following staff:
Service Clerks - Sells stamps and help people pickup packages, as well as assist with any other services.
Mail sorters - These employees are in charge of sorting out the mail so that it can go the correct places
Mail carriers - Can also be called a mail carrier, mailman, postal carrier, postman/postwoman or a letter carrier. This person is an employee of the postal service who delivers mail to residences and / or businesses.
Postmaster - The head of a particular post office. Responsibilities include management of a centralised mail distribution facility, establishment of letter carrier routes, supervision of letter carriers and enforcement of an organization’s rules & procedures.
Postmaster General - Also called a chief executive officer of the postal services of that particular country and oversees all the postmasters. A Postmaster General is responsible for an entire mail distribution organization which is usually sponsored by the national government.


At the SAPWU we strive at providing expert service in the following - Aims And Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Union shall be:

To regulate relations between members and their employers and to protect and further the interests in
To strive for economic and social justice for all workers by means of, regulating relations, negotiating and settling disputes between workers and employers.
To oppose any discrimination in employment and fight for the rights of all workers in any facet of work.
To advance the democratic right of every worker.
To encourage the settlement of dispute by conciliatory methods.
To promote, support or oppose, as may be deemed expedient, any existing or proposed legislation or other measure affecting the interests of members.
To use every legitimate means possible to convince all persons who are eligible for membership to become members.
To encourage and unite into a single organization all workers employed in the industry in South Africa who are eligible to become members of the Union and or to enhance their economic and social welfare.
To protect the job security of members, to advance their employment prospects and generally to do all things that will be in the interest of members in their individual and collective capabilities.
To improve the wages, salaries and terms and conditions of employment of members through collective bargaining and other lawful means.
To provide when deemed necessary, legal assistance to members in connection with their employment and related matters.
To inculcate a spirit of unity and solidarity amongst all members and workers in the industry and educate members of the Union in the true spirit of family unity, oneness and solidarity based on the philosophy of individuality of the workers and their families.
To co-operate with National and International Organization and thereby improve general standard of living of the workers.
To perform other lawful acts as may appear to be in the interest of the Union and its members and oppose acts, which are not consistent with the objective of the union
To act, oppose and negotiate in the matters concerning Unfair Labour Practice.
To operate in the name of the Union generally such that a role may be played in the social, economic and political upliftment of the community at large and
To observe and act in accordance with the spirit and principle of democracy in all Union activities.

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Becoming a Member

The Regional Executive Committee (REC), is responsible for the final decision regarding whether or not a person can become a SAPWU member.

post office services Herewith the procedure for the application of the SA Postal Service for becoming a member of the SAPWU:

Workers are required to apply for Union Memberships at the Branch Executive Committee that hold jurisdiction over the area where they are employed.

The Branch Executive Committee have the authority to reject any application if it is in their professional opinion that the worker is not fit to be a member of the SAPWU.

If there is no functioning Branch Executive Committee the application must then directly be sent to the Regional Secretary / General Secretary for review, where the proper procedure of application will be followed.

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