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When can i join a Trade union ?

In accordance to Section 23: Labour Relations  act in the Constitution, all workers  have the right to a trade union. Trade unions are a critical entities in South Africa, with 3.1 million individuals speaking to 25% of the formal work power. The particular constitutional labour laws with respect to exchange unions are:

Each employee  has the privilege to frame and join an exchange union and to partake in the union's exercises

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Why choose SAPWU

Our union offers a comprehensive benefit to members, which include the following:

  1. Representations for internal disciplinary hearings
  2. Representations in grievance hearings
  3. Representations at CCMA and Labour Court
  4. Funeral Benefits ( Cover ) to the value of R 10,000-00
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Functions of a trade union

On the 27 May 2009, the registrar of labour relations , in terms of section 109(2) of the labour Relations Act, 1995 , the South African Postal Workers union had been registered and recognized as a trade union.

Its main function was to
(1) Negotiate salaries, salary increases and working terms
(2) Regulate the relationship between it members and their employers
(3) Raise demands to employers on behalf of their members or the employees
(4) Help settle their disputes with their employers

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